Anselmo Gamez and Juan Velarde on the UPRT

Anselmo Gamez and Juan Velarde on the UPRT

According to EASA (European Air Safety Authority), the UPRT (Upset Prevention and Recovery Training) is the “recovery and prevention training of an abnormality” on the plane’s flight and constitutes a combination of theoretical knowledge and flight training with the objective to provide pilots with the necessary skills to prevent and recover situations in which an airplane involuntarily exceeds the parameters of the flight or training (airplane alterations).

To offer more light on this important angle of the training of commercial pilots, Simloc spoke to Juan Velarde and Anselmo Gámez, both are Commanders of Iberia. Gámez, in addition, has been especially involved in the initial program and development of UPRT for in this airline, the first Spanish company to have such a training program for pilots and instructors.
In their sports profile, Velarde and Gámez are the pilot and technical director, respectively, for Team Velarde 26, which has been sponsored by Simloc for the last two seasons of the Red Bull Air Race air racing championship.

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